r e d c a r n a t i o n

silver feather
melting all our dreams
we'll embrace the clouds
before the storm erupts
hold each other close
as if it was the first time
we ever saw the sunrise
in bold new colors
awaken the windows
of all our senses
as the moon drops
in all her splendor
i call her by her last name
because its hers
and mine to remember
whenever i need a smile
she is just a thought away
from a warm surrender
a kiss collapsing
a neon experience
ponytail braids
on a hit parade
i'm combing the sidewalks
chewing your gum
'til the flavor and thrill is gone
bittersweet chocolate
in a cellophane wrapper
love and her crossbones
its a new romantic
picture yourself
in your minds eye
its a visual motor
street rehearsal
unlocking the secrets
even in traffic
you're looking gorgeous
texting your life away
on a overcast sunday
with a red carnation

you're a butterfly kiss